The team behind all the dance classes and activities offered at Studio de danse Imperium is one of our greatest pride.


Véronique Sévigny-Leclerc

Artistic, Program and Marketing Director


Dance teacher since 2009

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Specialized in Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Véronique started taking dance classes at the age of 11, focusing primarily on hip hop and street styles. She had the opportunity to teach her first dance class at the age of 16 and has been teaching ever since! The entrepreneur in her, coupled with her interest for business administration, led her to study at Université de Montréal (Hautes Études Commerciales) from 2011 to 2014. With a Bachelor’s degree specialized in business administration, entrepreneurship and marketing in hand, Véronique created her dream job by opening Studio de danse Imperium with her business partner Christine, combining her three passions: dance, teaching and administration. In January of 2020, Véronique and Christine received the prestigious Dance Studio Owner’s Association CEOs of the Year award in Las Vegas.

Operations and Customer Service Director


"Dance Mom" since 2005 - Manager since 1991

Christine Langston was pulled into the dance world when her daughters started dancing in 2005. But it’s in 2013 that she started thinking about creating a family-oriented dance studio which would allow her daughters and their friends to truly blossom as dancers. Cumulating 23 year of management experience as a business supervisor and senior account manager for UPS, Christine created her dream job by opening Studio de danse Imperium, combining three of her passions: dance, administration and family. In January of 2020, Christine and Véronique received the prestigious Dance Studio Owner’s Association CEOs of the Year award in Las Vegas.

Olivia Cadogan Headshot 2

Administrative Assistant


Dance teacher since 2014

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Olivia is a very organized and creative person who enjoys making people laugh! She loves teaching because she gets to be a positive influence in her students lives, and aims to inspire them no matter their background or ability. Olivia loves teaching all styles, but jazz will always hold a special place in her heart! Olivia has been at Imperium since 2017, and from day one she fell in love with its sense of family and supporting dancers in all aspects of life. She considers everyone at Imperium helpful, kind and dedicated, which makes it such an amazing place to work and train! In 2021, a new journey began for Olivia as the Studio’s administrative assistant.


Preschool Program Coordinator


Dance teacher since 2014

Bachelor of Education, specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language. Currently working towards a MSc(A) in Physical Therapy.

For Rosie, dance has been the best relationship she’s had ever since the tender age of 4 years old, and continues to be years later. From the technical discipline of ballet to the expressive movements of contemporary/lyrical, she loves it all and continues to grow in her learning. When Rosie is not on stage, living her best life or being the bubbly and friendly dancer in the studio, she is watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or a good ol’ Disney movie with a nice Starbucks drink to relax. The reason Rosie loves to teach dance is because it allows her creative mind to soar where she can instil the love and passion for dance that she had at a young age to these young and “fresh” dancers who are just beginning their amazing journey in dance. Her favourite styles to teach are contemporary and jazz, but teaching ballet and tap to the little cuties make her heart melt as well. What Rosie loves about Imperium is the feeling of home and family connection she gets whenever she walks into the studio to teach or to take a class herself. What she loves about teaching at Imperium is the respect and family-like support she gets from the owners and amazing staff, who have been so welcoming to her ever since she stepped foot into the studio in 2015; they all encourage her and inspire her to always be her best self in her teaching and creativity.

Acro-Dance program Coordinator


Dance teacher since 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Sciences, General Director of Gadbois Artistic Gymnastics Club

Prior to her debut as a dance teacher in 2008, Catherine had been an artistic gymnastics trainer since 2003. In 2005, she participated in the development of the Circus Arts program at Collège Notre-Dame, for which she taught until 2011. Performing arts, especially with an acrobatic component, have always fascinated her! Name her an acrobatic discipline, she has surely practiced it! Sharing her knowledge and her passion through teaching has always been important to Catherine because the self-confidence that her students acquire by practicing these activities is incomparable. For her, supporting her students through the years and seeing them surpass themselves and achieve their goals is a unique asset. Catherine enjoys teaching at Imperium because there is the chance to meet students who wish to learn all kinds of disciplines. She also enjoys working for a passionate studio that gives her dancers the chance to be able to thrive through a variety of workshops and opportunities.


Dance teacher since 2013

Business Administration student (JMSB)

At 9 years old, Alexa fell in love with every aspect of dance and performing: the costumes, the music, the hair and makeup, the stage setting, the choreography, etc. She trained in hip hop, contemporary, ballet, jazz, and is currently exploring ballroom. She loves teaching to pass on the knowledge, skills, and life lessons she learned from her dance training, as well as mentoring her students. Teaching at Imperium gives her the opportunity to do what she loves, express her creativity, and grow.


Dance teacher since 2011

Creative Arts, Languages and Literature graduate (JAC) & International Student Visa Program in 2018 (Broadway Dance Center, New York)

Anmarie is a movement-based artist who uses different mediums to translate her visions. She started her journey as a dance teacher and choreographer in 2011, specializing in street styles and, more recently, fusion. Through teaching, she wishes to nurture talent and help others evolve further into themselves. She has been part of the Imperium family since the beginning and has always felt very passionate about growing with the studio and its dancers! Over the years, Anmarie had on-screen appearances in “Lipsync Battle: Face à Face”, “En Direct de l’Univers” and “Gala Célébration Loto Québec”. In the music world, she has had the opportunity to work with Anjulie, Nick Saanto and Claire Ridgley.

Ashley Midgley headshot


Dance teacher since 2016

Professional Theatre Acting graduate (JAC), Performance Creation student (Concordia) as of Fall 2021

Ashley is passionate about creating and collaborating with others, and, in addition to her dance training, has explored a wide variety of performance art mediums. She is grateful to get to teach so many different age groups and seeing her students grow in every class is a pleasure. For Ashley, teaching at Imperium is so special because we really are a family, and she can’t wait to see where her students end up in the future. Getting to teach in a loving studio that is passionate about their dancers is something she is beyond proud to be a part of.


Dance teacher since 1987

Master's Degree Electrical Engineering McGill

Benny likes to think of himself as a Renaissance man. He loves the technical science as an electrical engineer and the performing arts through his dance and music by playing piano and guitar. Benny has always loved dancing and that is why he loves teaching dance. For him, it is a joy to teach at Imperium because of the incredible enthusiasm of all the students!


Dance teacher since 1990

Owner of Danse Acadie dance school (New-Brunswick)

Christine considers herself an old-school teacher, focused on hard work and a positive class environment. As a dance teacher, she loves instilling discipline and confidence in her students. Christine loves teaching at Imperium because it aligns with her core values; Imperium is an inclusive, family-oriented dance studio with a passion and drive to see every student grow and flourish.


Dance teacher since 2016

Physical Rehabilitation student

Erika has been dancing since the age of 4 and has trained in many different styles of dance. She enjoys teaching because it is a way for her to share her knowledge and passion of dance with the new generation. She loves teaching at Imperium because we are a family and we help students not only as dancers but also as individuals.


Dance teacher since 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Sciences

Hannah (pronouns she/her) describes herself as an introverted-extrovert and is part of the LGBTQ+ community. She grew up in the competitive world of soccer and dance, and her absolute favourite snack is popsicles! She loves teaching because nothing makes her happier than seeing her students be proud of themselves. In her classes, Hannah likes to focus on her student’s mental dialogue, improving their confidence and exploring their creativity and individuality. She loves teaching at Imperium because the management team is extremely organized and genuinely care about the well-being of its dancers, staff and clients.


Dance teacher since 2016

Graphic and Web Design graduate
Currently working as a Graphic and Web Designer, Isabelle is extremely passionate and puts her whole heart into everything she does. When she teaches, she aims to have her students immerse themselves in their passion and to get as creative as possible. For Isabelle, dance is something very special and, as teachers, she thinks we can use dance as an outlet to help our students break barriers not only in their technique but also in their everyday lives. What Isabelle loves about teaching at Imperium is the environment. Teachers and dancers are always welcomed into a safe space where they can grow and prosper into their best selves as dancers and humans with the constant support of all the staff and dancers around them! For her, it’s a family and a second home!
Jessica Laforge headshot


Dance teacher since 2010

Doctorate in Neurosciences, Master’s degree in Biological Sciences program certification – all levels

Jessica is someone who is always 100% dedicated to what she does, whether in dance or in all other walks of life. Classical dance instilled in her a discipline and respect that directly influenced who she is today. Having the chance to teach this art is one way to pass these qualities on to future generations. For Jessica, Imperium is a safe and welcoming place where teachers feel validated and respected. She considers the studio environment conducive to success and self-development.


Dance teacher since 2002

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics & Statistics, Master’s degree in Teaching & Learning

Julie realized her passion for dance at the young age of 7. She has trained in jazz, Broadway, tap, hoofing, ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop, house, locking, and most recently salsa. In addition to getting her training here in Montreal, Julie also had the chance to train at the world-renowned Broadway Dance Center in New York, where she was awarded the Outstanding Student Award. Julie has also been teaching and choreographing in various dance schools and high schools in Montreal since 2002. She has choreographed for local school plays, Glee competitions, afterschool programs, and many dance competitions. Julie loved teaching so much that she decided to get her Master’s degree in Teaching & Learnings at Mcgill. This has given her many tools that has enabled her and her students to grow in the classroom. Some of her choreography credits include performances at MusiquePlus, the Canadian and World Hip Hop Championships, creating an opening act for the Jabbawockeez, the Canada Day celebration at the Parliament in Ottawa, and Enigma Dance Productions. With all her experience, Julie’s proudest moments are when she sees her passion being passed on to her students. She is very thankful to Imperium for giving her a home!



Dance teacher since 2013

Bachelors of Education, Interdisciplinary Studies in Grades K-6
Olivia is thrilled to join the Imperium dance family this year teaching ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary, as well as the Club Créatif pour Enfants! She started dancing at the age of 4 in Chesapeake, Virginia and trained primarily in ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary and jazz, doing solo roles in productions such as the Sugar Plum Fairy and Sleeping Beauty. She started assistant teaching at the age of 12 and her love of teaching began! Olivia received her Bachelors in Elementary Education from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, USA in 2019 and has taught 4th grade as well as pre-school in addition to dance. Olivia taught dance to all ages for 8 years at Academie de Ballet in Virginia before marrying the love of her life and moving to Montreal in August 2021. Olivia loves connecting with students and seeing them grow in expressing themselves through movement. She is excited to connect and learn from the Imperium dance community!


Dance teacher since 2016

Arts literature and communications graduate (JAC), Environment student (McGill)

Lia is an enthusiastic dancer and teacher who specializes in hip hop and has a theater background. She has also trained in other styles including jazz and lyrical. What Lia loves about teaching is being able to share such wonderful experiences with her students, watching them learn and grow as dancers, no matter the level or the age. What she loves about working at Imperium is that our studio provides an incredible atmosphere that welcomes all ages and all levels, proving that absolutely anyone can dance. She is so proud to say that she is a part of our team!


Dance teacher since 1992 and Zumba since 2011

Massage Therapist

Lucie is a very active and passionate person who wants to share her passion for dance and spread happiness around her. She loves to teach because it allows her to share the well-being of dancing, Zumba and fitness with others. Sharing her passion brings her a lot of happiness and a sense of accomplishment. For Lucie, Imperium is a big family where everyone shares the same passion, where the team of teachers put all their heart into each class taught, and where the Studio directors are involved, organized and give their all so that dancers and their families are happy. Lucie is proud to work at Imperium, an outstanding studio according to her!


Dance teacher since 2021 (Assistant-Teacher since 2018-2020)

Science student (John Abbott College)

Marissa has been dancing her whole life in a variety of styles such as tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and acro. What she loves about teaching is watching her students grow and improve. Her favorite styles to teach are tap, lyrical and jumps & turns! For Marissa, who joined Imperium at the age of 11, the thing she loves most about our studio is the feeling of family and community.


Dance teacher since 2017

General Manager of Mandy’s, Acrobatic Arts Teacher certified (level 1 to 7)

Nicole has been training in contemporary for 14 years now, after starting her dance training in hip hop. Her favourite style to teach is acro as well as conditioning! For Nicole, the best part of being a teacher is seeing the improvement in her students year to year. Her biggest goal as a teacher is to not only create great dancers, but great humans as well. Nicole’s favourite part of teaching at Imperium is the sense of family. She has been with the studio since the beginning and, to her, there’s nothing better than teaching kids their first class and watching them grow throughout the year!


Dance teacher since 1997

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Professional Division graduate

Nina is a self-proclaimed ballet nut! She loved every part of her journey towards becoming a professional ballet dancer and was blessed to have had the most dedicated and passionate teachers to succeed. It is an honour for her to teach ballet and to continue the cycle. Nina loves to teach at Imperium for many reasons, including the professionalism, intelligence, tenacity and creativity that stand out throughout the entire school. All is given for the love of dance!


Dance teacher since 2017

Mechanical Engineering student at Concordia University

Sara did gymnastics for 10 years before switching to dance and has trained in contemporary/lyrical, jazz, musical theatre and ballet. Seeing how much her students have learned and improved over the years is the reason why Sara loves to teach! What she enjoys the most about teaching at Imperium is that everyone is so much fun to be around and so welcoming.


Dance teacher since 1991

Master’s in Arts and Cultural Management (2021), Graduate from les Grands Ballets Canadiens & B.E.A.T.E.P. in Dance Education (France)

Sonia lives and breathes dance, and her passion is to transmit that love to her students. Her fervor for teaching is based in watching the evolution of her students through their hard work. What Sonia loves about teaching at Imperium is that our studio creates a community with our staff and students.


Dance teacher since 2019

University student in preschool and elementary education

Valérie is a passionate, motivated and creative person who loves her job and always tries to find ways to make her classes interesting for children. She loves teaching toddlers and is happy to witness their progress. What Valérie loves about Imperium is the friendly and warm work environment that reigns there. She can’t wait to set foot in the studio each time she teaches or take dance classes herself. She made great friendships there that she will cherish for the rest of her life!

Candice Simpson headshot


Dance teacher since 2006

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

Candice is a dance teacher and choreographer who has a passion for storytelling. So much so, that she started a project called Spoken Movement. Whether it is a class, workshop, production, or concept-video, Spoken Movement is where dancers can come and confront all that they’re feeling, and then get the opportunity to release it through movement. Telling stories through dance is something she has been lucky enough to do for quite some time and all across the world. Candice has taught master classes throughout Canada, the U.S.A., and Sweden. She is a co-founder and one of the choreographers for the production company “Enigma”, and her work with them was featured, among others, on Canada’s Got Talent and France’s Got Talent. Candice’s favorite thing about teaching is getting to witness her student’s growth on both an artistic and personal level. Ultimately, she loves helping her students discover and realize their own potential. Candice absolutely loves teaching at Imperium because of the professional and positive environment they have created. She is a freelance worker and reaches out to Imperium dancers for projects because of their work ethic. Additionally, Imperium is a place where there is a respect and appreciation for the foundation of various styles, while still making room for celebrating one’s individuality and creativity.